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2012 Artslant Magazine Awards

Lucia Gómez


Birthplace: Bogota

Birth year:1946

Lives in Colombia

Works in Bogota-Colombia

Website http:///

Representing galleries Museo Enrique Grau

Tags: fibers, mixed media, Maps, spirals-archetypes- symbolic- painting abstract painting abstract painting painting, mixed-media, conceptual


My paintings express metaphysical symbolism and shamanic themes derived from many cultures, including those of Central and South America, Australia, and the Far East. Forms flow without much planning, giving way to imagined spaces, caves and labyrinths full of mystery and color that emerge from a state of mental relaxation. Geometric forms and archetypal symbols lead my search for deeper knowledge.

In the series, “Secret Passages,” “Ritual,” and “Ancestral” static figures, depicted through subtle marks and sudden blobs of color, are introduced into the paintings, representing the ancestors from each setting, who are simply involved in the act of observing.

In the series “Elemental Fragments” and “The Magic of the Forms”, archetypal symbolism is used as a magical component of my work process that continuously opens unlimited possibilities of expression. In turn, this symbolism offers viewers the possibility of observing, asking them to bring to each painting their own experiences, perceptions, interpretations, impressions and conclusions.


The paintings of Lucia Gomez have been featured in solo and group exhibitions in museums and galleries in South America, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, including the McMaster Museum of Art in Toronto; the Art Gallery of Hamilton in Ontario; the Concertina Gallery in London, the Shah Alam Gallery in Malaysia; The Lessedra Gallery in Sofia Bulgary and the Accademia D’arte Di Pisa in Italy. In Miami her work has been shown at the Florida Museum of Hispanic and Latin Art American, the Sol Gallery, the Artesanos Gallery, and Florida International University.

Gómez was born in Colombia where she has had numerous exhibitions in galleries and cultural centers in Bogotá , including galería La Localidad, Museo Enrique Grau, galería El Callejón, Cámara de Comercio, Universidad de Ciencias Aplicadas, galería Baobab, galería Carrión Vivar, galería Casa Cuadrada, Fundación Santillana para Ibero América, galería GAF. In addition, her work has been exhibited at Alcaldía de Medellín, galería de arte El taller in Medellín; and Museo Comfamiliar in Barranquilla.

The Art of Lucia Gomez- by Alvaro Medina

Lucia is a serious artist who is committed to working in a medium that many people in the art world consider passé. Fortunately many artists like her continue to explore painting, looking for new nuggets of surprising possibilities – which can vibrate the senses and deeply touch the heart.

Lucia Gomez manages a kind of spirituality, which places her in the tradition of Malevich and Mondrian, two founders of the abstract easel painting movement, and for whom non-figurative art only made sense when it spoke about the non material worlds.

The work of this Colombian artist is supported by her own quests and enquires. She devotes her work to portrayals of her own life experiences. It is rare in today’s world to find artists who are consistent within themselves, and express what they really feel or think.

The substance and the subject of each of her works have a firm theoretical basis and reveal her concerns about the world in which we live. In presenting to viewers fragments about a nonmaterial reality, a reality that we do not want to face, or are too lazy to confront, she presents positions of concern and causes of worry – but also many possibilities of reflection.

Lucia Gomez- El Tiempo Newspaper 2009.

Devoted to artistic expression, Lucia Gomez transports viewers into deep reflections. The youngest daughter of Master Ricardo Gómez Campuzano, one of the icons of Colombian art during the 20th Century, Lucia is on her own artistic path, away from the Impressionist school in which her father was consecrated. She paints on a path to find her own expression.


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D. Berube


Lucia Gomez has Exhibited at these venues:

Galatea FIne Art Gallery

Parallax Art Fair

Solo Show

Museo Enrique Grau

Lessedra Art GAllery

Shah Alam Gallery

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